1. Michelle said:

    We just had some water backed up in our basement drain this past Saturday. Called a few people, only ones we could get our there on a Saturday was Roto Rooter. One guy came out and put a camera down the pipe leading from the septic clean out port to the house and said we had a partially collapsed pipe due to tree root invasion. Made sense since we had tree root problems in the past in that same are of pipe. Then he had his “supervisor” come out to assess the situation and give us an estimate. Well…he said the cost would be $10,178.00 to hand did and replace the pipe and said “we’ll have our guys out early next morning to start the job!”!! Then laid out all of our payment options…
    We said “we’ll get back to you…” and proceeded to have 3 other contractors (excavating companies) out to evaluate the situation next day. One said $2,400 and another $1,600 (both not putting a camera down, just going by what Roto Rooter supposedly found). One laughed when I told them Roto Rooter was going to “hand dig”. He said it would take days to hand dig and replace the pipe and that they (both) use a mini-excavators to do the job (makes sense). The 3rd and final excavating company came and used their high tech camera & pipe locating equipment and found the area with a fairly large tree root ball. They suggested they grind the roots and hard snake the pipe and then re-evaluate. That’s what they did…2 hours later, flushed the pipe with large amount of water and it came through pipe beautifully! Pipe was not damaged and still in good shape. Suggested we get checked in a couple years. Price: $500!!!
    CEO of Roto Rooter and it’s employees are criminals.

    January 22, 2019
  2. said:

    I sent this link to my daughter who was ripped off by Roto Rooter. I hope she posts a comment here.

    November 17, 2016

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